Highest quality for highest reliability

Our infrastructure is designed by the most experienced engineers, with over 15 years of experience in building and maintaining complex networks and numerous servers. We use only equipment and solutions that have shown required performance and reliability levels in supporting high-availability systems, coming from the world’s most reputable manufacturers. Thanks to the carefully built infrastructure, we are able to offer highest levels of availability, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

We have equipment strategically positioned in datacenters on two continents, connected with high-capacity internet links. All five datacenters are built according to Tier3 standards, so they are completely protected from any type of service failure. They all have n+1 redundant power supply, cooling systems and fire alarm, and are under 24×7 monitoring, including physical security and anti-terrorist defense measures.

cloud297Strategically Positioned Datacenters for Global Coverage

With one datacenter in USA, one in Netherlands (EU), and three datacenters in the CEE region, we are secured from any types of failures caused by DDoS or any other type of malicious attacks. This also enables us to offer minimal lag to customers from various geographies.

High-Performance Network for a Seamless Service

Based on high performance, low latency Cisco Nexus converged networking solutions, designed for next generation data centers, and with more than 120Gbps of data throughput capacity in the backbone, our network infrastructure is fast and responsive, able to react to all types of requests.

The Facts Speak for Themselves

Besides many satisfied customers, owners of web portals, e-businesses and many others, we serve a multitude of internet users, end-customers visiting the websites and using the services hosted on our servers.

To give you a better perspective on the volume of our operations, here are the statistics from September 2014:

Number of end users served:


Number of dynamically generated web pages: