Managed Hosting

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Managed hosting services for complex applications and demanding clients

Providing hosting services has been our primary job for the past decade. We have accumulated experience and a team that can manage the most complex websites and applications with speed and efficiency. Managed hosting services enable you to focus on your business, and leave the technology issues to our experts.

We are in charge for continuous operations of your website, database, email server or any other web application you decide to use. If you are developing anything specific, our experts will be there to advise you which is the best solution, based on our massive experience in managing the largest websites.

We offer fully managed hosting services for high-traffic websites. When you own a news portal or any other type of high-traffic website, you know that even a moment of downtime or low performance means great loss for your company. We are here to assist you in minimizing this risk.

Today business critical applications are at the core of any modern business. Maintaining them at a local server infrastructure can be costly and complicated. Our advanced hosting division can handle that for you.

We are always open to build any type of custom, tailor-made hosting solution. This leaves you free and flexible to build and develop your own applications on top of this solution.


Guaranteed Availability

By using high quality servers, storage and network equipment, distributed in three datacenters on two continents, we can guarantee 99.99% uptime for your business critical applications.

Wide Range of Applications

Besides all types of websites, we can host business applications, such as databases, CRM or ERP systems from all major software companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, and Citrix. All servers can be powered by some of the many Linux distributions (CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian) or by the latest edition of Windows Server, Standard or Enterprise versions.

Established Hardware Partners

We use only high-quality and robust equipment, specialized for web hosting services. Servers of all types and configurations come from Fujitsu, storage from NetApp, while the networking infrastructure is based on Cisco equipment.

Your business, running perfectly.