E-commerce Hosting

  • Special offer for Cloud Expo Europe 2015:       just 63 EUR per day for 1.000.000 daily page views


    – Web server 16 core 16 GB RAM in high availability configuration – Two instances
    – DB Server 16 core 16 GB RAM in high availability configuration – Two instances
    – NetApp HA cluster storage capacity for NFS 1000GB
    – HP 3par HA storage for VMs
    – Citrix NetScaler HA Load Balancing cluster
    – DNS infrastructure (nodes in EU, USA, Asia)
    – Internet bandwidth 1Gb


    – Consulting for code optimization and development
    – System design, management and support
    – System monitoring 24×7 with alerting and incident handling

    Highlight: Suitable for serving up to 400.000 visits per day and displaying up to 1.000.000 pages per day


    Price: 1.900 EUR / month


Reliable and secure platform for a growing e-business

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing line of businesses, with global B2C sales results reaching a staggering $1.5 Trillion in 2014. E-commerce enables businesses to reach customers regardless of geography, time zone, language or any other traditional obstacle.

In order to achieve the desired business goals and reach global audiences, you need a reliable partner, providing 24/7 support and consulting services for creating a fast, responsive and reliable web shop.

ecartScalable Performance for a Persistent Service

Nothing is more annoying for a customer than a slow and unresponsive site. In order to prevent that, we offer you a powerful and scalable platform for e-commerce websites, maximizing customer retention.

Enhanced Reliability for Sustainable Business

The online market is already very competitive, so the last thing you want is to loose money due to technical faults. Our platform is based on top-of-the-line equipment, maintained by experienced engineers, so we can guarantee uptime levels up to 99.9999% if required by the customer.

Top-Level Security for a Reputable Service

Customer trust is the one thing you cannot gamble with. So, in order to have a web shop that speaks of confidence and trust, you need to host it on servers with maximum security. Our platform is secured with the highest standards, and your shop is safe from all types of attacks coming from the internet, but also from physical attacks, since the data is stored in Tier3 datacenters, offering highest levels of security.