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Highly scalable, powerful and reliable platform for all types of web services

With cloud computing we now have the flexibility and agility like never before. If you want to provide reliable and powerful hosting services for your clients, we offer you the benefits of the cloud and our experience in implementing and maintaining complex cloud hosting environments.

Fully managed hosting service offers great customer experience and less headache for you, as the functioning of the services is entirely up to us. On the other side, as in any other white label service, the customers will be associating this experience with you and your brand.

cloud189Multiple business opportunities

Beside our standard cloud service we can provide all knowledge and experience needed for starting a new Cloud provider in your country. This would enable you to provide up-to-date solutions to your customers and to extend your service portfolio.

Our service includes technical and business consulting, solution design, implementation, in-depth testing, kick-off support (pricing consulting, marketing etc.) and support with maintenance. We can propel your cloud project from 0 to 100%.

Deployment options

Our Cloud solution is designed to be implemented in your data centre as on-premises installation or as a hosted solution on dedicated or shared infrastructure. Having your own cloud on-premises means that whole infrastructure is owned by your company while we maintain and support it. Having it hosted in our data centre keeps up-front CAPEX at absolute minimum without compromising scalability needed for system growth.

Greater Reliability

Our cloud hosting offers 99.99% uptime and 100% automation, with redundancy at hypervisor level. With this level of secure delivery of service, you can focus on the market opportunities and leave the technology issues and specifics to us.

Broad List of Services

You can install and use various types of applications, from infrastructure apps and databases (Apache Tomcat, MySQL, PostgreSQL), through CMS platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) to specialized solutions (Magento Ecommerce) and specific solutions for high-volume sites and other advanced web implementations.

Global Availability

With 14 worldwide Anycast DNS locations, and over 2,000 CDN locations in 78 countries, delivery of cloud services based on our infrastructure is guaranteed for users, regardless of their location, and safe from DDoS attacks.