Domain Registration

Provide added value to customers with integrated domain registration services

If you wish to provide additional value to existing hosting customers by offering them domain registration services under your brand, we deliver API integration with all major TLD’s in a complete system that you can integrate with your website and hosting services.

Using this service you can provide the customers with the complete hosting services experience, and get additional revenue through domain sales. Also, this system can be used by TLD registrars, as it is hosted on highly-available servers, easily accessible from any global location.

world89Easy to Implement

Whether hosted on our or your servers, we provide support for implementation of the domain registration system and its integration with your existing systems.

Flexibility and Control

The system enables you to set your own pricing policy and to adapt it to the look-and-feel of your brand.

Support for Custom Solutions

If you want to resell non-standard domains, we offer custom API development services required to satisfy the requirements of such systems.