• Special offer for Cloud Expo Europe 2015:       complete solution from 65 EUR / day


    – Oracle 12g DB server, 128 GB RAM, 2 socket server w/ 20 cores, data replication
    – Daily backups on NetApp storage
    – Cisco ASA 5585X IPsec VPN tunnel for integration with company LAN
    – Internet bandwidth 1Gb
    – Oracle licenses not included


    – Oracle certified consultants for system tuning and optimization
    – System design, management and support
    – System monitoring 24×7 with alerting and incident handling

    Highlight: Having your Database in secured fully managed cloud is essential for business continuity


    Price: 2000 EUR / month


Latest technologies used for complete business support

Using virtualization enables us to provide you with complete and reliable solutions for your business. It also gives us a competitive edge when it comes to pricing and response time.

We are using the latest virtualization platforms and solutions by some of the largest global vendors: VMWare, Microsoft and Citrix. Over 10 years of experience enables us to provide you with consulting services in order to create a solution that matches the requirements of your business and expansion plans.

two259Optimization for Higher Levels of Service Quality

Using virtualization techniques we are able to optimize our infrastructure and provide you with the service you need, but for a lower price. Virtualization also enables us to guarantee high availability of all our services.

Replication for a Reliable Service

Virtualized infrastructure can be replicated to any other Tier3 datacenter in our system. We also have standby infrastructure resources reserved for automatic VM replication. All DR sites are connected to main locations over an IPSec tunnel.

Monitoring and Support Around the Clock

Virtualized systems are monitored 24/7 and our support engineers are always ready to react within minutes to any type of incident. This way, our 99.999% uptime guarantee is a reachable goal, not sci-fi.