High-Traffic Websites

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  • Special offer for Cloud Expo Europe 2015:       just 63 EUR per day for 1.000.000 daily page views


    – Web server 16 core 16 GB RAM in high availability configuration – Two instances
    – DB Server 16 core 16 GB RAM in high availability configuration – Two instances
    – NetApp HA cluster storage capacity for NFS 1000GB
    – HP 3par HA storage for VMs
    – Citrix NetScaler HA Load Balancing cluster
    – DNS infrastructure (nodes in EU, USA, Asia)
    – Internet bandwidth 1Gb


    – Consulting for code optimization and development
    – System design, management and support
    – System monitoring 24×7 with alerting and incident handling

    Highlight: Suitable for serving up to 400.000 visits per day and displaying up to 1.000.000 pages per day


    Price: 1.900 EUR / month


Make sure your website is available to visitors at all times

When you own a news portal or any other type of high-traffic website, you know that even a moment of downtime means great loss for your company. We understand your pain, and we are here to assist you in minimizing this risk.

With our advanced infrastructure and experienced staff we can support any type of traffic, as our normal operations currently runs over 20TB of traffic daily. High capacity network between five globally distributed datacenter locations and multitude of CDN locations guarantee safe and quick delivery of your website’s content to visitors from all around the world, regardless of their number.

download8Reliable Service

Guaranteed uptime of 99.99% allows you to focus on your core business, as we are in charge of running your website at all times. Our infrastructure can take on all traffic volumes, primarily thanks to the high levels of automation, and our experts are constantly monitoring the health of the services, with average response time to incidents lower than 5 minutes.

Advanced Attack Protection

We have significant experience in mitigating DDoS and other attacks on websites we host, and our engineers have so far been very successful in minimizing the negative effects of these attacks on websites.

Website Building Know-How Transfer

We have helped system admins and developers of many high-traffic websites to create and further develop platforms which they use daily. Our consultants were there to identify bottlenecks and suggest improvements that contribute to the quality of website projects we host. Also, migration operations are always pre-tested and monitored in order to achieve uninterrupted delivery of your website’s content even while moving from other to our servers.